Update #2 – December 24, 2012:  Unfortunately, my husband’s phone was stolen in a pub we were lunching in by thugs pretending to be lost tourists.  We knew what they were up to immediately, but not before they made away with my husband’s phone.  After the incident, I made a point to look around the pub and noticed that no one had their phones out in the open.  We had ours just sitting out on the table.  

For security reasons, I am deleting all personal information on this page.  We will keep updating the blog but certain things will be omitted.

Update #1 – December 2012:  Such were the hopes we had…living in a seaside villa in Spain.  As with anything in life, however, nothing is certain.  We’ve always been very flexible, however, we found that what we wanted to do just wasn’t quite working out.  Soooo….we decided to tour different parts of Europe through the end of December and return “home” just before the new year.  Since we’re constantly vacationing in Florida we thought it would be nice to rent a house on Siesta Key and live in the Sunshine State for six months.  And that’s exactly what we’ve done.  In the meantime, we expect to post more thoughts and ramblings about our various excursions in Rome, Valencia, Madrid, Barcelona, Salzburg, Munich, Dublin and the Ring of Kerry, Paris and, finally, London. 

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  1. YOUR BLOG. Is amazing. This makes me want to go see the world even more! D: I’ll be reading it the whole time!! (:
    P.s. I’ll miss you guys so much! Can’t wait to visit!

  2. Teresa hall says:

    Wow!! Great blog Ana!! I’m so happy for you and your family..I’ll be following you and hoping one day to meet up with you. May God be with you on this amazing journey.

  3. Christie Aleman says:

    Very inspirational! I wish you guys all the joy of being together as a family, I completely agree with life being so busy there is no time for family. God bless you guys on your adventure!

    • Ani says:

      Thanks Christie. Wouldn’t you know, I’m already imagining ways to use this blog for lessons on media literacy when I return to teaching. Hopefully at Cockrell 😉
      Have a great 2012-2013 school year.

  4. Jenn Neitzey says:

    I am so excited for your family! Love the idea that you will keep us updated on your adventures as well!

  5. Evelyn Gidden says:

    I love you all have the best time ever…..take me with you!!!!!!

  6. Ani says:

    Thank you guys for your good luck wishes. Teresa, we’re definitely expecting you and Randy! Although, I think he wants to stay in a treehouse?

  7. Cindy L. Mills says:

    I’m going to miss hearing Shannon play the piano every week! I look forward to keeping with her via your blog, though!

    • Ani says:

      We’re definitely going to miss coming to your comfy and peaceful studio every week! Our plans are to acquire a portable keyboard abroad so she’ll keep playing. I’ll make another post on this blog in a few days as there have been changes to our plans. :)

  8. Yv4ns says:

    Hello dear friend! To your fantastic blog, only missing one thing: A Spanish, you want to help. Well then, here’s a Spanish, Valencia. An hour away from Alicante. Holiday in Benidorm, Altea, Calpe and Denia. And if more intended to help some friends, you know you want to tell me, tell me you need. I’ll be here for you and your family. When you come to Spain, are the first thing is to teach how to cook Paella. I hope you to come soon, and you’ll be very happy here. I think if the world was done with good intentions and good friends, are of the country they are, would be a better world.

    See you in Instagram. A big hug!

    • Ani says:

      Hello Yvan! Thanks for the kind words. We definitely will visit all those areas, especially Altea. I’ve seen beautiful photos of Altea on Instagram. Thank you for your friendship – it means a lot to us all. Hugs from Pearland!

  9. Yv4ns says:

    The next weekend, probably I will go to Altea! I will spend 2 days in a friend’s house near there. Tell me if you want something from there.
    (Pictures for this blog, maps, hotels .. restaurants, rental house!)
    If you need anything, you know, here you have the support for anything.
    I can send by email, by letter.
    Have no doubts in asking, what I can do for you.
    The day I decide to go to Pearland, and you help me me.

    Your friend Yvan.

  10. Terence says:

    Very beautiful, interesting and top-notch photo.

  11. Charyl Teal says:

    I love your writing style! I know I will enjoying reading and viewing your pictures. Hugs

  12. Dena Evans says:

    Hi Ani! I found your blog while searching “non-lucrative visa spain houston”! I’m from Deer Park originally, now living in Houston. I’m hoping to vacation to Spain for 5 months, but I just found out about the 90 limit if you don’t have a visa. I just sold my business and am just going for vacation/learning Spanish. I would love to connect and hear more about your experiences. Thank you for doing the blog!

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